Facebook Keeps Loggin Me Out-What Can Cause This?

by emquzu on March 13, 2012

facebook keeps logging me out pictureIf Facebook keeps logging me out why might this be and is there anything I can do to stop it?

Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out-Why Is This?

I had a problem for a while online when Facebook keeps logging me out but I couldn’t initially figure out what was causing it. After I did a lot of research and looked through some of the forums I figured out a few reasons why this might have been happening.

One of the first things I looked at when Facebook keeps logging me out was if there were any problems with my browser. I was originally using Internet explorer when the problem started so I changed over to several others and eventually stuck with the same one I am working with today which is Firefox. However even after much testing I still had the problem that Facebook keeps logging me out and at this point it was getting very frustrating.

What I discovered is that this can sometimes happen when linked in with mobile devices such as iPhones or iPads. Quite often you are logged in at two places at the same time when you are using a mobile device and this can cause a problem along the lines of Facebook keeps logging me out.

One of the best things to check first off is your mobile Facebook device. Head over to your device and check if you are still logged in. If you are then make sure you log out on your mobile device and in fact any other computers you may think you are logged in on and then see if this cures the problem.

This actually fixed things for me and stopped the problem Facebook keeps logging me out which was a great relief as this had been going on for over a month at the time.

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