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by emquzu on March 4, 2012

A lot of people experience a Facebook log out problem for one reason or another. Now in most cases this is a user error where something has not been entered in correctly or the wrong Facebook logout button has been clicked. There is not really a specific Facebook logout page nor a Facebook logout link and there is no generic Facebook logout url that is the same for everyone because each individual account is differnt.

The best way to explain things here is how to logout of Facebook but not as you may first think. You see the simplest way to perform a Facebook log out is to go to your account button inside your Facebook account and click it which will then give you the option to log out of Facebook. So the question of how to logout of Facebook is answered here but what happens when you get problems?

facebook log out pictureWhen you look at your Facebook profile layout you will see that sometimes it changes and this can happen for several reasons. Firstly Facebook change the way their pages operate every now and then and so after one of these changes you may find things in different places than they were before. This shouldn’t be a major problem but will mean you’ll have to hunt a little harder at first to figure out how to peform the Facebook log out with the new setup.

The question the raises, is a Facebook log off the same as a Facebook log out so does that mean when you log off Facebook you also log out of Facebook? Well the answer is quite simple, yes you do. These two things are one of the same and so you shouldn’t worry about this moving forwards.

The main thing to note about www.Facebook.com is that all in all it is very easy to perform a Facebook log out and so you shouldn’t really encounter any problems but if you do then you might want to look at the following options to see if any of these will help you out.

Try clicking the Facebook logout button on your profile. If this doesn’t work then you can try to perform a remote Facebook logout or even a Facebook logout iphone or any mobile device.

Whichever one you choose you should have no real problems performing a Facebook log out but if you do after all this then I would suggest you contact www.Facebook.com directly to get the best answers.

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