Facebook Logout Button-Where To Find It And What To Do

by emquzu on March 11, 2012

facebook logout button optionsYour Facebook logout button is the thing you want to click to make sure you log out of Facebook when you want to. The problem is that most people don’t acutally know where it is or how to use it correctly so I want to cover the basics here to make sure there is no confusion.

What To Do With The Facebook Logout Button

The thing about Facebook is that they are constantly developing their platform and tweeking and improving it so sometimes thing move around which is why a lot of people have trouble finding their Facebook logout button. At the time of writing of this post you need to go to the top right of your Facebook home page where it says the word Home and you will see a small drop down arrow to the right of it. When you click that down arrow it then brings up a drop down page with several options and if you look at the second to bottom one you will see it says logout. This is what we would call your Facebook logout button and the one you will want to click when you want to log out of Facebook.

Once you click this button it will log you out of Facebook and redirect you to your Facebook login home page which is sometimes also called the welcome to Facebook page as this is the text that is displayed in the tab section of your browser.

Why Do Facebook Make It So Hard To Find The Facebook Logout Button?

I guess the reason your Facebook logout button is so hard to find is because Facebook ultimately don’t really want you to logout at all. The longer you are on their platform the better it is for their business and so they don’t want to make it too easy for you to go away. Now this is just my personal opinion but does make sense because if something is good then you will want to keep people there so they can enjoy it as much as possible but also so they can monetize your site in the best possible way.

Ultimately Facebook may relocate their Facebook logout button in times forward but for now you should be able to find it ok and log out of Facebook.

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